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Enhance Your Practice

Teaming-up with a Lactation Consultant allows you to provide your patients the breastfeeding assistance they need while leaving you with more time to focus on their other health related  concerns. As one of the few RN, CLC's in South Florida, I can provide your office unique, customized support not currently available in the area.


Providing breastfeeding support takes time. Collaboration with an lactation consultant can help you save more of yours, while increasing your practice's bottom line.

Effective lactation support is time intensive, with an average consult lasting one hour. It is challenging to accommodate for these appointments when your time is at a premium. When you collaborate with a Lactation Consultant it not only ensures that your families receive the breastfeeding support they need but is also a way to increase your practice revenue by providing a service that is payable by insurance.

I am  available to work with your patients for in-office consultations, group classes, and for home visit referrals. I strive to offer my patient's competent evidence-based care that leaves parents feeling confident about their ability to care for their baby.

I can be an asset to your office by:

  • Refining breastfeeding protocols to ensure office efficiency

  • Providing evidence based care plans

  • Giving pre- and postnatal education

  • Performing latch and feeding assessments

  • Giving direct assistance to mothers experiencing difficulties

  • Assisting with telephone triage for breastfeeding concerns

  • Following-up with breastfeeding mothers

  • Performing weight checks for babies

  • Instructing mothers about milk expression, safe storage,         and alternate feeding methods.

  • Providing breastfeeding education to office staff


Lactation evaluation & management includes:

  • Maternal, infant, birth and feeding history

  • Physical examination of maternal nipples and breasts

  • Infant oral, facial and suck assessment

  • Feeding observation

  • Problem assessment

  • Management plan and patient education

What a LC can do for your practice:​

Lactation Consultants increase breastfeeding rates and outcomes: LC's provide skills from routine management of breastfeeding to high-risk care.

Enhance your practices image: Having a Lactation Consultant available in your office (whether in-office or by referral) improves the offices image as a breastfeeding friendly practice. This can be particularly helpful in increasing your breastfeeding patient base.


Promote  patient satisfaction and trust: When breastfeeding families reach their lactation goals, patient satisfaction with the healthcare team improves. We can assist you and your staff to provide consistent and knowledgeable breastfeeding support, enhancing your patients trust in the healthcare team.